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The Dreamers

Corey Fowler

The program really was excellent. It helped a lot as far as knowledge and learning, but also extra activities to keep us out of trouble, you know, to keep our mind stimulated, instead of leaving school, going home, and getting in trouble. Or just staying in the house until your parents got off from work. I really enjoyed being around everybody, including Ms. Rumbarger and Mr. Bumbaugh. They was there to help us to become a better man or a better woman, and that’s what they did. And I appreciate it. Like students now, they’ll never experience what I experienced, and it’s sad: having Christmas parties, all the food, all the activities, horseback riding and swimming at the farm. Just taking our mind off of school and just enjoying the atmosphere. It was wonderful!

If I had a chance to turn back the hands of time, if I could do it all over again, I would. Because, how can I choose my words, for a older man and a white man to pay 67 black kids’ way to college—that’s a blessing in itself. You’d never get that again. Unfortunately, when I came out of high school, I didn’t take that chance. Unfortunately, Corey Fowler didn’t go. I said, I’m not going to college. I want to work. And in 2013, I wish I did! Because it would have helped me out now. I wouldn’t be doing the things that I’m doing now to try to make a living. Mr. Bumbaugh and Ms. Rumbarger, they was encouraging, both of them played a good role. But it was up to me to take that advice. And sometimes I do beat myself up for it because I should’ve took that chance.