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The Dreamers

Click a photo for that Dreamers’ story, in their own words.

  • Tamika Anderson
  • D'Angelo Dotson
  • Corey Fowler
  • Antwan Green
  • Shafton Greene
  • Domonique Alford Jenkins
  • Johnny Sidbury
  • Murray Sumes
  • Keyda Young Walker
  • Tenille Warren
  • Martece Gooden Yates
  • Monique McDavid Zaragoza

The Sponsor

  • Stewart Bainum

The Educators

  • Steve Bumbaugh
  • Phyllis Rumbarger


Interviews and Photographs by KK Ottesen.

Fulfilling the Dream is a non-profit organization, founded by Phyllis Rumbarger, to provide educational scholarships to members of the original Kramer JHS “I Have a Dream” class and their families striving to complete their educations. To learn more or donate, please click here.